Picasso App is downloading

Although the Picasso App APK cannot be downloaded from the Play Store,  you can still obtain it on your phone by following the following simple steps:

Step 1: To download an APK file from an unknown source, you must adjust your phone’s settings. This setting is disabled by default. Although other Android phones might have somewhat different options, the settings must be in the same general location. Keep in mind that this tutorial is based on a Samsung phone.

Step 2: Visit the Picasso app website after you’ve activated the previously mentioned option to install from an unknown source.

Step 3: Click the Download Picasso App icon. Install the application after the download is finished.

The Picasso app provides live TV, cricket matches, TV shows, and many other services once installed.


Picasso App is a video streaming application designed especially for customers in South Asia. Who are financially unable to afford the expensive membership plans offered by the well-known platform.


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