Picasso app

Picasso App is an Android app that provides free movies and TV shows. This app helps to save users time by providing all the necessary movie or TV show details upfront.
Picasso makes it simple for customers to view the summary, description, rating, and total views of an international film or television series. It is simple to use. And with just a few clicks, customers can quickly locate what they’re looking for.

How to Install and Download the Picasso app on Phone?

Although the Picasso App APK cannot be downloaded from the Play Store,  you can still obtain it on your phone by following the following simple steps:

Step 1: To download an APK file from an unknown source, you must adjust your phone’s settings. This setting is disabled by default. Although other Android phones might have somewhat different options, the settings must be in the same general location. Keep in mind that this tutorial is based on a Samsung phone.

Step 2: Visit the Picasso app website after you’ve activated the previously mentioned option to install from an unknown source.

Step 3: Click the Download Picasso App icon. Install the application after the download is finished.

The Picasso app provides live TV, cricket matches, TV shows, and many other services once installed.

How to Download and Install Picasso on a PC?

As you may already be aware, the Picasso app was created exclusively with Android users in mind. However, Bluestacks allows you to continue using the Picasso APK on your PC.

Initially, download and install Bluestacks on your computer.

On your PC, open the Bluestacks program.

Download the  App for your computer by visiting official website.

In Bluestacks, select “My Apps” and then “Install apk.”

Click “Open” after selecting the Picasso APK file that you downloaded.

You can now use the Picasso APK on your PC as it begins to install on your laptop or computer.

Features of Picasso Apk

Free Trailers for Films and Shows

All movie and web series trailers are available for free through the app. The useful information that trailers provide about the content helps users to decide what to watch next. Read an array of trailers and make an informed decision about what to watch.

Ad-Free Experience

The apk offers an ad-free experience, so users can watch TV series and movies without any interruptions. Picasso offers a smooth and ad-free entertainment experience, in contrast to many other streaming services.

Secure and safe

It can be downloaded safely on mobile devices. Users may be secure in knowing that the program will not harm their devices. Because it has completed antivirus software testing to guarantee its security.

Cricket Live Streaming

The app offers immediate game updates and live cricket matches. Especially IPL matches, right at your fingertips, serve sports fans.

 Intuitive User Interface

The application has an easy-to-use, intuitive user interface. It has an attractive style and functions perfectly. An easy-to-use interface is necessary for smooth enjoyment.

Huge Variety

There is a vast collection of films, television shows, and web series on the Picasso app. Old favorites and a variety of Hollywood, Bollywood, and Hindi television shows that were released after 2009 are available. You can quickly find what you want to watch. They are organized well by sections.

Broad Content Library

This app has a large content library with thousands of easily accessible movies and programs. You may enjoy all these films and TV shows for free. Take the opportunity to enjoy your favorite material.

Multilingual Subtitles

With the Picasso apk, users can watch movies and TV series in their favorite language without any language barriers. It improves the whole experience of watching.

Flexible Video Quality

You can quickly adjust the video quality in the application to your preferred level. With a variety of choices ranging from 144p to 4K, you may view your content at the level of clarity that best suits your internet speed and device.

Download for viewing offline

The application is aware of the uncertainty of internet access. It provides a useful download feature that allows you to store your favorite films and TV series for later viewing. This ensures that you enjoy your content whenever and wherever you choose. And it is especially useful in situations like long flights or places with poor internet connectivity.

Limitless Downloads

In addition to this, you can quickly download your favorite films to watch offline with this app. When watching a video online, click the “download” button to save the movie for later viewing offline. It allows you to select the ideal quality for your offline collection. By providing downloads in both high-definition (HD) and MKV formats.

Completely Free

There are no fees related to using the Picasso App APK. Even with moderate internet connections, it runs without any problems.

Chromecast Connectivity

It is also Chromecast compliant. So you can easily stream media from your phone or tablet to a bigger screen. This feature makes watching movies and TV shows more enjoyable by giving you access to a wider and more real viewing experience!

Pros and Cons


  • This app is available for free use.
  • It is simple to operate and has an eye-catching appearance.
  • It is not necessary to have an account to see the supplied content. Users can access and view movies and TV series without having to register.
  • To access the content, there are no costs or monthly subscription requirements.
  • Nearly all films and web series, including Hollywood, Bollywood, and Korean productions, are available on the app.
  • Viewing and watching live cricket matches is easy.
  • Users benefit from being able to download and watch content offline.
  • Customers can pick between streaming videos in high HD and normal definition.
  • straightforward download process.
  • There is no risk involved in downloading the software on your mobile device.


  • The app cannot be downloaded through the Google Play Store.
  • It is necessary to update this program regularly. Moreover, the app will not receive automatic updates.
  • Sometimes there can be a delay while viewing content for users.
  • High-speed internet data will be needed for some users to stream the available content, particularly live matches.
  • There are several errors and problems in the program.
  • There is always a risk from third-party software.


Is it possible to download Picasso videos?

Using the Picasso app, you can download movies and web series and view them offline. It lets the user stream the downloaded material offline by supporting the offline ability.

Is it possible to watch live cricket matches on Picasso?

Indeed, The app allows users to stream and watch live cricket matches for free. Users don’t have to worry about delays or stops in between matches. They can easily find a reliable link to watch live sports.

Is it safe to download the Picasso app to your mobile devices?

You can safely download the Picasso apk to your mobile devices. Your smartphone will not experience any damage by downloading the app. Because it is virus-free and safe to download.


Picasso Apk Download is the best option if you want to watch movies for free. All of these movies are for you to start watching whenever you want to. Download these movies to your device if you want to watch them offline. Since all services are given without charge, there are never any subscription costs. All of these movies and TV series are available for free viewing.  And users have given this app the best ratings. Enjoy watching new releases as well as your personal favorites.


Picasso App is a video streaming application designed especially for customers in South Asia. Who are financially unable to afford the expensive membership plans offered by the well-known platform.


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